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Complete Accommodation Fitouts at MC Furnishings

As well as Carpets and Flooring, we supply a range of beds, we have found that many customers require apartment/flat/residence refurbishments and so have found the option to choose carpets, flooring and beds from us has been beneficial and save time and money. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you need new carpets, flooring or beds for your house, apartment or flat


If you are looking for carpet and flooring fitting we can provide that as a service.

MC Carpets and Furniture Stores employ the services of Simon & Bob who are a family run carpet fitting service. Between these two they have a very extensive knowledge of the domestic carpet market and how to install the soft flooring products.

Laminate flooring is fitted by an outside flooring specialist, who has been especially selected by MC Carpets and Furniture Stores, for their knowledge and quality of work.

MC Carpets offer a full service including:

Floor Levelling & Screeding

A levelled layer of material (e.g. cement) applied to the floor.


Lining a floor with hardboard is one of the easiest way to level an uneven floor. If you are planning to lay vinyl sheet, tiles or even laminate, and your subfloor is old floorboards, it is more than likely that the floor will need to be levelled.

Door Shortening & Trimming

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